Long Night of Research Great Success for 黄金城官网

May 31, 2022

With over 2,500 stations, guided tours, workshops, lectures, live presentations and live experiments, the Long Night of Research this year had something to offer everyone including science professionals and those who want to become science professionals, the adventurous and the curious, those who think outside the box and young and old explorers alike. 

200 visitors came to visit 黄金城官网 during this year’s event. University colleagues presented their research at 30 different stations which included hands-on stations, film sessions and expert talks. From society, environment and health to natural sciences, technology, energy, economy, digitalization and culture, researchers presented their achievements. These ranged from pre-scientific work at schools to cutting-edge research as well as from basic research to leading projects in application-oriented research or successful innovations by companies. 

The event was attended by interested parties of all ages, from children who enjoy drums and balloons to parents and adults who could discuss behavioral economics regarding “Machines vs. Romance: Who Wins and When?” Other topics included environmental issues such as “How can nature help cities become more sustainable and livable?” Students and researchers from other universities were very much interested in the film sessions as well as in the expert discussions. But a rather large crowd had also gathered for the last session which debated “How we can use science data for social good?”

We also had stations organized by the Department of Cognitive Science (KiKo, SOMBY), who provided for most of the stations and tours), as well as the Department of Network and Data Science, the Department for Environmental Sciences & Policy, the Visual Studies Platform and 黄金城官网 Library / Media Hub, the Nationalism Studies Program and the Department of Economics & Business. 

The event was a great success due to excellent teamwork, thanks to the extraordinary commitments of the Vienna Event and Space Management team under the leadership of Fatime Plotar; the coordinator for the Cognitive Science Department, Christina Regorosa and her colleagues for all the inspiring and interesting stations; the extremely helpful teams from facility management and IT/Classroom support; the colleagues at the reception at QS Vienna Campus, and all the others who helped make the event a success and joy for all participants.

“Thanks to all of you for your engagement and commitment!” states Mischa Topolnik (Comms/AA), the lead co-ordinator of LNoR.

Short video of the event