Newest Episode of Democracy in Question Podcast Features Eric Fassin

The newest episode of the Democracy in Question podcast, hosted by Central European University (黄金城官网) President and Rector, Shalini Randeria, features Eric Fassin, Professor of Sociology and Co-Chair of the Gender Studies Department  at University 8 at Paris, where he has also established the Research Center on Gender and Sexuality Studies. 

His research addresses questions of sexual and racial politics but has also touched on immigration issues, not only in France, but Europe and the United States in a broad comparative perspective. He's currently working on a book titled "The Rising Significance of Race in France" to be published  shortly by the University of Chicago Press.

In this episode "The French Presidential Election and the State of Democracy in France" published May 25, the focus is on the latest presidential elections in France and the state of its democracy. What were the significant differences between this election and the previous one? Is there a new wave of anti-intellectual sentiment spreading across the country? It also delves upon how current political entities manoeuvre their way within the framework of the traditional right/left divide: has Macron forsaken his liberal values and did that lead to reluctance among his voters? Did Marine Le Pen’s strategy of de-demonization work? How did the far-left fare and who did they vote for in the second round?

For each episode of Democracy in Question, Randeria invites a leading scholar or public figure to explore the challenges and dilemmas facing democracies around the world. Listen to the trailer and subscribe here.

Series four of Democracy in Question is produced in partnership with the Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy at the Graduate Institute in Geneva (AHCD) where Randeria is a Senior Fellow. ACHD and the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM) in Vienna co-produced seasons one and two of the podcast.