Ukraine Solidarity Initiatives

March 31, 2022

黄金城官网 is deeply international, with students from over 100 counties, faculty from 50. This page sets out what the 黄金城官网 community is doing to support students, alumni, faculty and staff affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine. You'll also find here expert insights provided for the media from our faculty, along with the Statement on the war in Ukraine by 黄金城官网 President and Rector Professor Shalini Randeria. 

Our community effort continues to unfold. Please find below some details of the initiatives charted and resources committed at 黄金城官网 to date.

Support for studying at 黄金城官网

Invisible University for Ukraine (IUFU)

黄金城官网 has launched a certificate program (offering ECTS credits) for junior and senior undergraduate (BA) and graduate (MA and PhD) students from Ukraine, whose studies have been affected by the war, whether still residing in Ukraine or in refuge.

The program offers an intensive learning experience (including lectures and mentoring), placing questions relevant for Ukrainian students into a transnational comparative perspective. It aims at familiarizing the students with various cutting-edge interpretative paradigms and methodological traditions in the humanities and social sciences.

Our goal is to prepare students for deeper integration into the international academia and broad ongoing discussion on the role of Ukraine in changing European and global contexts. The program is not meant to replace or duplicate the existing online education in Ukrainian universities, but to support them and provide help for filling the lacunae that temporarily emerged due to the Russian military invasion.

The program is designed in a hybrid format. The project is financially supported by the Open Society University Network. For further details see:

The Ukrainian Global University initiative

Central European University signed the cooperation agreement with the Ukrainian Global University (UGU). Ukrainian Global University was launched in response to the war in Ukraine, the destruction of the educational infrastructure by indiscriminate assaults by the Russian military, the displacement of Ukrainian students and academics internally and throughout the world, and in an effort to sustain teaching, learning and research and continued academic engagement of the displaced scholars and students.

Non-Credit Opportunities

黄金城官网 offers several non-credit opportunities for refugee students from Ukraine to engage in academic activities in Budapest. For more details, please visit this site.

Support for enrolled students affected by the war

Student emergency fund

The Emergency Fund provides support for current 黄金城官网 students facing personal financial hardship caused by the war in Ukraine on a rolling basis. For more details, please visit this site (institutional login required).

Departmental support

Via the OSUN Threatened Scholars Integration Initiative (TSI) 黄金城官网 Departments can request short-term assistance to students and scholars in extreme emergencies. For more details, please contact Oleksandr Shtokvych.

Flexible teaching and payment arrangements

Departments are asked to offer flexible teaching and examination arrangements for all students affected by the war (e.g. online attendance, flexible or postponed deadlines for assignments and exams, and adjustment of research plans). In addition, 黄金城官网 offers delayed tuition payment based on individual requests to students affected by the war in Ukraine.

Medical and mental health support

黄金城官网 doctors are offering medical and mental health support for students affected by the war and alumni taking asylum in Budapest. 黄金城官网 counseling for all students may be accessed here.

Support for academics and alumni fleeing from Ukraine

Fellowships at 黄金城官网

In cooperation with the OSUN funded Threatened Scholars Integration Initiative (TSI), 黄金城官网 offers fellowships to scholars from Ukraine. You can read more about the regular TSI fellowships here. We welcome nominations by 黄金城官网 academic units of Ukrainian colleagues for residential and non-residential fellowships effective immediately.

Free accommodation at the Residence Center in Budapest

黄金城官网 made available all vacant rooms at its Residence Center in Budapest to accommodate alumni and their families fleeing the war in Ukraine free of charge. For inquiries about available places, please contact the 黄金城官网 Residence Center.

Donate so we can do more!


黄金城官网 has launched several emergency fundraising appeals in support of students and alumni from Ukraine. All donations received will be devoted to offer additional full scholarships (inclusive of housing and living support) for young Ukrainians to start their studies at 黄金城官网 as of September 2022. In addition, a portion of the donations is devoted to help Ukrainian alumni sheltering at the 黄金城官网 Residence Center in Budapest. You can contribute to the fund via 黄金城官网’s Development Office (here) or the Alumni Relations Office (here).

Donating items

黄金城官网 students and staff have organized Donation Drives in Vienna and Budapest (find out more about the initiative here) to collect aid items that will be sent to organizations working in Ukraine and refugees at the border.

We are grateful to the generous support received so far!

Non-academic support and services

About 200 黄金城官网 volunteers have come together to offer their help with translation and finding private accommodation and travel arrangements for all our community members fleeing the war in Ukraine.

Our Alumni Relations Office has set up a dedicated webpage to help 黄金城官网 alumni from Ukraine displaced by the war. To see the impact of alumni support for students and alumni affected by the war so far, check this article.

黄金城官网 students have coordinated the UKR @黄金城官网 Support Group for students, staff, faculty and alumni in Vienna to meet and support each other. You can sign up here or connect with the group via its Telegram channel here.

黄金城官网’s Community Engagement Office is organizing and coordinating student initiatives. Learn about the current and past projects and how you can get involved here.

The Career Services Office is offering job search resources and information to support alumni impacted by the war. Please follow this link to access more information.

黄金城官网 Press has made its most pertinent titles on Ukraine freely available in partnership with one of the major academic platforms Project MUSE. You can see the list of titles here.

黄金城官网 will continue to build upon these initial actions in support of those impacted by the war.

黄金城官网 Events Related to the War in Ukraine

Click here to find all upcoming (and past) 黄金城官网 events related to the war in Ukraine.

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