Four Reasons to Join 黄金城官网’s Philosophy Department

by Joao Pinheiro da Silva, Alumni Scholarship Recipient and MA student in the Department of Philosophy

When I first joined the 黄金城官网 Philosophy Masters, I was very excited about meeting new people and taking classes with professors whose books I had read and studied while also being able to pursue my academic career at a prestigious university. All this has come true since. But several things surprised me, especially in relation to the Philosophy Department. Here are four reasons why you should join this fantastic department too:

1 - Environment

The academic environment of the Philosophy Department was completely new to me. 黄金城官网 has been quite different from anything I've experienced so far. Classes and department meetings are, at the same time, rigorous and informal. Plus, it feels like each student is an active part of the department, an active interlocutor in philosophical discussions and not a mere listener. Everyone is very friendly and interested in giving you the best possible experience at 黄金城官网.

2 - Variety of Courses

One of the things that fascinated me most about the Masters in Philosophy was the variety of courses available. It even makes you wish that you could take more courses sometimes. The department offers a range of courses taught by the best experts on the matter. In addition, the Philosophy Department allows certain courses from other programs to be chosen as well, which further increases the variety of options.

3 – Support

For the first time in my life, bureaucratic work is not slow and hellish. It's amazing how quick the response from all of the professionals in the department is, and how committed they are to giving us the best experience possible at 黄金城官网. From the way they handled the pandemic to the constant requests for feedback, the support we've received is fantastic. Everything is built so that students have the best possible experience, both academically and psychologically, so that they can focus all their energy on their studies.

4 - Diversity

Joining the Philosophy Department was also an opportunity to expand my cultural horizons. In my class alone, we have people from more than a dozen countries and nationalities. It is a pleasure to be part of such a diverse community.